Our On-Going Projects

.Perfecting past knowledge and recapitulating the expertise makes us perform better and faster. This enable us to widen our footprint in diverse geographies and do more creative and technology driven projects. We have quite a few projects under way here at the Core Team G.C.Co. Ltd. here’s a brief sampling of what we have going on:


SABIC is a global leader in production of diversified chemicals having 17 Hi-tech plants. SAUDI-KAYAN is a SABIC affiliate for production of specialized chemicals like MEA, DEA ,TEA etc. Core Team is currently executing Civil Foundation Project At DEMIN Water Plant For SABIC’s SAUDIKAYAN.


It is a joint venture between SAUDI ARAMCO & THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY. With 26 integrated large scale manufacturing plants and a capacity to produce more than three million tons of products every year, this will turn out to be the world’s largest chemical complex ever built in a single phase. Core Team executed Cable Termination of 150 power transformer at SADARA


This project is a joint venture between the SAUDI ARABIAN MINING CO. (MA’ADEN) and ALCOA. It is the largest and most efficient integrated aluminum complex in the world. Core Team has been awarded 5 year maintenance contract for utility area from MA’ADEN Aluminum


Core Team is a major force in maintenance and Talent acquisition sector in Saudi Arabia, offering clients a single strong base of pooled talents and expertise in domestic and overseas acquisition market. We are proud of our reputation for quality and delivering what we promise. We are able to achieve this with full participation from top management to ground staff .They are always familiar with client requirements and how to achieve them in most efficient and dedicated ways.

We are motivated by passion to deliver excellence through expertise and we are able to achieve this with support from our efficient agents and partners in our recruiting countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal and Srilanka. Therefore demand and supply chain is never broken either for our in-house requirement or for customer needs. Our Quality system is an integral part of our management activity and is implemented through a comprehensive set of procedures and controls which are documented in accordance with ISO 9001:2015


.When it comes to safety and occupational hazard – we make no compromise. Our primary objective therefore is to: “achieve and maintain the highest practicable level of health and safety control in all areas of the company’s operations.”

The safety policy of Core Team G.C.Co. Ltd. is designed to comply with the standards of the occupational safety and health administration, and in endeavour to maintain a safe & injury/illness free workplace, a copy of the OHSMS safety and health standards are available for all employee’s use and reference. Compliance with the safety policy is mandatory for all employees of Core Team G.C.Co. Ltd. The authorization and responsibility for enforcement has been given primarily to the project heads.


"Our vision is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the team .We strive to become the contractor of choice, Pursuing excellence through dedication, experience and discipline"